Casino blu ray review

casino blu ray review

Casino (th Anniversary Collection) Blu-ray Review. Blu-ray Review. Film. 9. Bildqualität. 8. Tonqualität. 8. Ausstattung. 9. Gesamt *. - Kaufen Sie Casino günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer vielseitigen. Beyond Reality - Casino der Magier: Lest hier das Blu-ray Review zum russischen Thriller nach Prinzip von "Die Unfassbaren". Antonio Banderas ist der große. Za granyu realnosti Genre: Casino th Anniversary Collection. Sein nächster Clou führt ihn in ein Luxuscasino im Herzen Europas. Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. Preview-Screenshots zur vergrösserten Ansicht anklicken. Anders als ' GoodFellas ' kommt ' Casino ' allerdings etwas bemüht daher und hat trotz vieler gelungener Aspekte mit einigen Problemen zu kämpfen. Zum einen wäre da ' Vegas und die Mafia ' ca. Wenn du die Website weiter nutzt, gehen wir von deinem Einverständnis aus. Etwas besser schneidet das ' U-Control '-Feature bei dem es mittels Bild-in-Bild Einblendungen während des Films zusätzliche Kommentare von Regisseur Scorsese und seiner Crew zu sehen gibt - inklusive der obligatorischen Set-Aufnahmen. Als nächste folgt ' Storyboard Vergleiche: Praktisch durchgehend gute Schärfe- und Detailwiedergabe. Danke für die Bewertung, schade dass das HD Version nicht so gut ist. Am wenigsten gefällt die deutliche Grün-Einfärbung auf schwarzen Oberflächen in dunkleren Szenen.

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Johnny English Strikes Again. The Other Side of the Wind. Bad Times at the El Royale. God Bless the Broken Road.

A Star Wars Story. Here We Go Again. Discovery - Season One. Meanwhile, Ace falls in love with and marries Ginger McKenna Sharon Stone , an ex-hooker making a good living stealing chips from high rollers.

Ginger confuses independence with duplicity, and maintains her emotional ties with small-time hustler Lester Diamond James Woods , her former pimp.

Nicky's increasingly violent murders and robberies bring undue attention to the Tangiers, as does Ace when he fires a relative of the local gaming commissioner caught stealing.

Suddenly under investigation from all sides, Ace's life goes to pieces when Ginger tries to separate him from both his daughter and his million-dollar 'emergency' fund.

Casino gets off to a bad start when Scorsese opens with the relaxed Ace Rothstein walking to his car in a parking lot.

Anyone who's ever seen a gangster movie knows the car has been wired with a bomb. Making matters worse, the obviously fatal explosion turns out to be a cheat -- almost three hours later Ace stumbles from the car basically unhurt, reminding us of the rigged cliffhangers in old serials.

But from that point on the story never takes a predictable turn. As in Goodfellas the inner workings of organized crime are too incredible not to be true.

Dim-bulb mob flunkies fly weekly to St. Louis with suitcases full of cash. Nasty strong-arm expert Nicky Santoro isn't above using ungodly tortures to enforce his will; when he's done his victims beg to have their throats cut.

When the federal heat comes down on the casino, we're treated to a surreal sight. Ace's pleasant image-repair newspaper interview is interrupted by two agents in an airplane on surveillance duty -- forced to land on the country club golf course because they ran out of gas.

Ace's domestic troubles receive equal emphasis, and actually put him in much more danger. Bred and trained to trust no-one but retaining an irrational weakness for Lester, Ginger plays the role of the adoring wife.

She revels in the riches Ace bestows on her and watches happily as he entrusts her with vital access to secret caches of money.

It takes years for Ace to see the light, but when he eventually detects Ginger's lack of sincerity the stage is set for a destructive pas de deux.

Casino makes us understand how a two-way tantrum can result in the collapse of a dynasty. Designer Dante Ferretti layers Casino with the kind of consumer luxuries that Ace and Ginger possess but can never really enjoy, like the status afforded by buying their way into an exclusive country club, or flying to Los Angeles on the casino's private jet.

Dressed too expensively to be jet-setters but as crass and mercenary as the mob wives of Goodfellas , Ginger and Nicky's wife Jennifer Melissa Prophet live in denial of responsibility to anyone except their defenseless children.

Only Ace remains reasonably sane, watching as everyone around him is corrupted by contact with the avalanche of dirty money.

Casino did respectable business but charmed neither the public nor the Academy, which is a shame because Scorsese's direction is some of his best.

De Niro and Pesci's characters are much more developed here than in the earlier Pileggi adaptation. Pesci is particularly good as a human bulldog incapable of rest -- he's always charging forward, causing trouble, biting off more.

The film is scored with carefully picked pop songs and rock tunes, integrated even better than the cues for Goodfellas. Scorsese's Casino is a long movie but also a mature statement about a specific era in crime.

Sam 'Ace' Rothstein relocates to Las Vegas to run the Tangiers casino, only to find trouble when one of his cohorts, Nicky Santoro Joe Pesci , leaps into the fray and disrupts his tenuous hold over the quasi-legal proceedings.

Further complicating things is Ginger a never-better Sharon Stone , a high-class Vegas call girl who mesmerizes Ace to increasingly destructive effect.

Unlike few movies made in the past two decades, Casino embodies 'epic' filmmaking with acquiescing to its soul-deadening conventions.

Scorsese's camera, perhaps never more agile and ambitious than demonstrated here, pirouettes in and out of the action including a POV shot through a cocaine straw and creates an illusion of fluidity, even as the walls come crumbling down around the characters.

The acting, meanwhile, ranks as some of the best displayed by all involved: De Niro is at his rigid best as Ace, who controls every aspect of the Tangiers business, down to how many berries go into each off the kitchen's muffins; Pesci has never been more frightening or fragile as Nicky, a sociopath whose self-possession catastrophically outweighs his good judgment; and Stone's Ginger is a manipulator and hustler who hypnotizes the audience as surely as she does Ace in one unforgettable moment.

Scorsese fans occasionally dissociate this film from the ranks of the director's best because it came so quickly after Goodfellas , and sometimes feels as if it covers the same ground; but the film's true focus- the implosion of a mob-controlled Las Vegas- works most effectively when it's juxtaposed with the personal peccadilloes of the three main characters, who if nothing else know expertly well how to screw up a good situation.

As such, it still maintains the same potency it did back in , and remains one of the great portraits of cinematic excess.

Featuring a new encode using VC-1, this p 2. Most probably taken from the same master as the HD-DVD, this transfer brings Robert Richardson's exceptional cinematography and Scorsese's creative vision to life in ways that could never be achieved on standard definition video.

Like its Las Vegas setting, the video presentation is glitzy and features high contrast levels. Bright lights are often juxtaposed with the inky darkness of the night.

Pair that with really deep blacks and natural-looking skin tones and you get images that will amaze even the pickiest videophile.

The level of detail is also quite extraordinary as it features sharp and vivid images that provides and an almost 3-D-like quality to the movie. For a movie that is more than a decade old, it is quite a feat to be able to clean up the print so well that there is nary a speck of dirt on it.

Like most of its reissues on Blu-ray, Universal has gone one better in upgrading the soundtrack of Casino.

There are so many details contained in the book that you wont find in the movie. From his start as a bookmaker to running several Las Vegas casinos.

From his battles with the government to be able to run the casinos and the investigations into the mobs connections in the casino skims.

If you take Scorcese, DeNiro, Pesci, and give them 3 hours to work with, it's a given they'll deliver a film that's both riveting and memorable.

Casino is such a film. But, near the end of the film, DeNiro's character says something that can only be understood fully by someone who lived during that period.

In a way, it was a compliment to the mob-controlled system. Simply put, during the era of mob control, visitors to casinos were treated royally - at best, like kings and queens - at worst, like "guests.

In short, the mob knew how to treat people. Rude employees didn't remain employees for very long. But when the corporations took control, casino visitors became nothing more than numbers on a balance sheet.

And in some cases, employee rudeness was elevated to an art form. Odds have always favored "the house. I read Wiseguy from Nicholas Pileggi and loved the book, though it was spot on with the movie Goodfellas with a few minor exceptions.

The book Casino does however differ greatly from the movie of the same name, so it was much more enjoyable for me.

Certainly the basics are still there, but many additional stories, altered stories and the timeline is a little off from the movie.

Pileggi writes well and does great research. It was amazing that Pesci and Stone looked just like the real life people. DeNiro wasn't even close, but he did a good job.

I have enjoyed watching Casino 5 or 6 times, no one would argue it is a masterpiece, however, Pileggi's book discloses so much more, fleshing out the characters, revealing their true natures and interrelationships.

Until reading the book, I always felt sympathy for Rothstien Rosenthal , a perfectionistic genius whose only real crime seemed to be turning a blind eye to the skimming maybe the investors lost a bit, but everyone "got fat" Instead he was quite ruthless and had no problem threatening the Stardust's owner, Glick, with death.

Birds of a feather, and all that. Soon, anyone who presents a problem for Glick dies, because of the connection between the Teamsters' loan that financed Glick's purchase of the casinos and the skim.

It is an incredible story, and if the movie intrigues you, you may really appreciate the added details provided by the book.

I loathe the inevitable comparisons made between "Casino" and "Goodfellas". That's where the similarities end. Both films tackle stories in the criminal milieu and succeed in gripping the audience.

Scorsese manages to make this film a fast-paced experience despite a nearly three hour running time. He's ably abetted by some snappy editing by Thelma Schoonmaker, gorgeous cinematography by Robert Richardson, and good sense of the era love the cars and clothes.

Impeccable song choices on Scorsese's part on the soundtrack. The film is fascinating in how it portrays Las Vegas as a shimmering city which under it's surface is motivated by greed and avarice, which in turn breeds paranoia.

Just ask the eye in the sky. The first half of the film concerns itself with how some Midwest mobsters infiltrate a Vegas casino. The second half shows how overreaching causes their downfall.

DeNiro is superb as the oddsmaker who goes on to manage a casino only to be brought down by his own vanity. Pesci is equally fine as the thug who wants to make Vegas his personal playground.

Probably the best performance in the film belongs to Sharon Stone as DeNiro's wife who is at heart a hustler.

This is a difficult part to pull off because her's is essentially a character motivated by pure greed but Stone manages to convey the pathos to make her sympathetic.

I think Scorsese is a victim of his own success because this film was initially given lukewarm response from the critics and public alike.

Fortunately, time has been kind to "Casino". Prime Video Verified Purchase. One of my favorite movies.

How Vegas went from being run by corrupt gangsters to being run by corrupt corporations. All of the major players are at the top of their game.

Casino knows a lot about the Mafia's relationship with Las Vegas.

Blu-ray rating Video 4. A good little scene-setter, folks, that even makes reference to the anti-Craig canvassing that took place. This approach is often used during indoor scenes when two characters are sitting at a table. Beste Spielothek in Floitgraf finden sounds are frequently directed to individual speakers with seamless pans, and great use of songs helps to create a strong degree soundfield. The fantastic moment when Champions leaug drags Mollaka down machine-gun alley in the embassy has glass, bullets, wood-splinters and ricochets engulfing the room with Beste Spielothek in Diepling finden precision and devastating directionality. The soundtrack is more varied, too. Perhaps it's because, unlike 'GoodFellas,' which focused solely on the rise and fall of Henry Hill, here the spiritual corruption is spread equally between Ace and Nicky. And yes, during that "the muffin has too many blueberries" scene, casino blu ray review can count each one. The book Casino does however differ greatly from the movie of the same name, so it was much more enjoyable for me. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.

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Das macht den Film keineswegs zu einem schlechten Streifen, aber man hat von Scorsese schon besseres gesehen. Das wirkliche Highlight findet man hier in Form von Sharon Stone die mit ihrer Darstellung der Edel-Nutte Ginger eindeutig die beste Performance ihrer Karriere abliefert - die Oscar-Nomination als Beste weibliche Nebendarstelllerin war jedenfalls mehr als verdient. The Ultimate Gangster Selection. Kurzfristige Änderungen der Preise sind möglich. Es blitzt und donnert, wenn Toni die Technik manipuliert. Besser funktionieren die Einbindung der Boxen inklusive der Rears und die Unterstützung des Subwoofers. Drei Monate hat er sich intensiv vorbereitet und raubt dann in einem durchgeplanten Coup und mit einer Mischung aus High-Tech und perfektem Timing die Spieltische leer. Die Powerman Filme sind meiner Meinung nach

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Blu ray casino review Auch De Niro und Pesci überzeugen, nur schade, dass die beiden hier email freenet zu sehr an frühere Rollen erinnern - was vorallem auf Pesci zutrifft, der hier nach ' GoodFellas ' casino blu ray review den unberechenbaren Giftzwerg spielt. Doch in der Sekunde seines Triumphs spielt ihm jemand mit echter Magie einen Streich und bringt ihn um fünf Millionen Dollar. Der Prinz von Ägypten. Nebst insgesamt vier verschiedenen ' Unveröffentlichten Szenen ' ca. Für etwas Traumfabrik-Feeling sorgt übrigens auch Antonio Banderas, der eine kleine aber tragende Rolle verkörpert und dem Film sogar eine kleine überraschende Wendung verpasst. Ich habe mich echt lange auf den Film gefreut und mir hat er jetzt im Heimkino Dort steht er Le Chiffre Mads Mikkelsen gegenüber, einem rücksichtslosen Finanzier, der von Beste Spielothek in Pobles finden Kundschaft aus dem Terroristenmilieu bedroht wird und nun bei einem Pokerspiel seine Kasse aufzufüllen versucht. The thumbnails are loaded from YouTube servers, but those are not tracked by YouTube no cookies are being spielbanken in deutschland. Man muss bei ' Casino ' viel zu oft an ' GoodFellas ' denken. Das ist hübsch anzusehen und aufgrund von massig Super-Slow-Motions durchaus auf internationalem Niveau. Lucky VIP Casino Review – Expert Ratings and User Reviews langer Pausen gibt's aber dennoch einige interessante Einblicke. Eben jener William hill casino club bonus, der Maykl ursprünglich um seine Kohle gebracht hatte ….

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Casino th Anniversary Steelbook Collection [Blu-ray]. Auch Banding- und Kompressionsartefakte fallen auf. Es wurden keine Veränderungen an Schärfe, Kontrast oder an den Farben vorgenommen. Teils leichter Detailverlust in dunklen Bildbereichen feststellbar. Maykl arbeitet seit Kurzem als Mädchen für Alles im Spielkasino. Am wenigsten gefällt die deutliche Grün-Einfärbung auf schwarzen Oberflächen in dunkleren Szenen. The thumbnails are loaded from YouTube servers, but those are not tracked by YouTube no cookies are being set.

Casino blu ray review -

Zu diesen Problemen gehört vorallem die Laufzeit von fast drei Stunden und die mit der Zeit etwas nervigen Off-Kommentare der Hauptfiguren. Allgemein gute Bildqualität mit nur sehr wenigen Schwächen. Hiermit lassen sich mittels der vier farbigen Tasten einer jeden Blu-ray Fernbedienung die eigenen Lieblings-Szenen des Films markieren, abspeichern und später abspielen. Casino th Anniversary Collection. Zum einen wäre da ' Vegas und die Mafia ' ca. House On Haunted Hill. If you have seen the 50 horses spielen Casino you need to read the book. But Casino is superior in many ways that are rarely acknowledged. His infatuation Lost in Africa Slot - Play Yoyougaming Slots Online for Free Ginger turns to obsession as she rises with him to the upper crust of society, then turns to the bottle and pills for consolation in her gilded cage. Per its recent trend, Universal has cut up much of the making-of material found on the HD DVD of 'Casino' and repurposed it as a Blu-ray-exclusive picture-in-picture online casino poker spielen. Through the introductory segments of the film, wie lange gilt ein lottoschein camera Double Happiness™ Slot Machine Game to Play Free in NextGen Gamings Online Casinos stops moving. The sound of the big air bags supporting the floating house hissing when raked by bullets and the awesome sinking of the building, itself, with masonry tumbling, stairs and landings giving way fußballspieler deutschland nationalmannschaft, of course, the incessant gunfire and fist, knee and foot impacts. You can also suggest completely new similar titles to Casino Royale in the search box below. Whether or not one thinks that it is a good idea to realign the special features mix staffel biathlon a PiP format, I can't recommend this Blu-ray release enough. Coming Soon to Blu-ray:

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